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1. Social Sharing Buttons

The website and blog must be optimized for social sharing. We suggest installing a free plugin called "Slick Social Sharing Buttons" as it can be customized to reflect the brand name in its content. This will enable us to promote the brand with every tweet.


2. Blog Content

Blog must be updated at least once per week, preferably twice a week, and ideally every day. The more content we have the more we will be able to share and engage the audience.

Content can be curated or original. The more original content we have, the better. However in the absence of original content, curated content will do.


3. Youtube

We need to have an operative channel with at least 5 to 10 video clips.


4. Musician Endorsements

Client references are one of the most essential tools in social marketing. It's crucial to have a list of references, ideally with a link to the musician's website, or at least a link to their online profile, whatever the network.





Our first step will be to identify the existing "fan base" and grow the network from this base. In other words, we will attempt to connect with Twitter fans on Facebook, or with Youtube subscribers on Twitter, etc. The idea is to engage your existing fans and encourage them to spread the word.


1. Facebook

We need to have more varying content updates on Facebook: Youtube videos, user endorsements; also, a few pictures wouldn't hurt to stimulate the visual impression. We can aggressively market the Facebook page, but if the content is not intriguing and visually or audibly appealing, no one will want to share it, and our efforts will only bring the increase in the number of Facebook page likes, but no profitable results for you.


2. Youtube

Provided that we have a Youtube channel with some video clips in it, we will launch a promotional campaign in an effort to increase the number of channel subscribers, video views, and increase engagement in form of comments, likes and shares.


3. Twitter

Content - There are only 15 tweets now. You need to post at least 25 tweets per day in order for a Twitter account to be considered active. The good news is that you don't have to post only your content; actually, any industry news will do. We will compile a list of music websites and blogs and use their content to tweet about it. If you have any websites that you would like us to include, please let us know.

Followers - The way things are now, you are following 4 times as many people as you have followers, and soon you will not be able to follow any more users. Therefore, the first thing we will need to do is strategically increase your current ratio of followers to following. Once this is done, we will be able to start growing your network properly. We will target only musicians, DJs, and music fans on Twitter.


4. Google+ Page

We will create a Google+ Page for Your Brand and target our promotion efforts to musician circles on Google. As with Facebook, we need to have more varying and more appealing content in order for the promotion to bring more results, aside from just increasing the number of likes.





In the long run it would be wise to consider expanding your Social Media presence onto other more specialized networks, such as SoundCloud, ReverbNation, MySpace, etc.


Also, since blogging is a form of social media, it would be easier for us and more effective for our work if we were to maintain the blog as well. This would cover mainly content curation. In order to create original content we will need further materials from you.





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